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​Formally Rocky Mountain Tactical  Sumit Sling this now the AI&P Tactical I & 2 Point Sling.  1 1/4" Heavy Nylon and sewn with 92 lb bonded thread it is Duty tough.


Rifle and Shotgun Slings    This page is a link page to my e-store  www.tacticalgunslings.com  once there you will find Duty Quality slings for Tactical and Sporting use.   Built right here in Michigan these slings are heavy duty and will last you a life time.   Our selection of other items is increasing as the store grows so look around.   I am a Remington Master Gun Shop and you will find Remington parts, Remington barrels, Gun Cleaning supplies, shooting gear, knives, Gun locks and cases, Remington magazines, Ruger and other magazines, Mossberg Barrels, Mossberg Accessories, Weapons lights and more. 

The flat rate shipping means you should look around as a small item you have wanted can be had with your sling or parts order.   So fill up the bag if it something you use all the time anyway and save.

I have been selling on Gun Broker for years with a rating feed back of 3,743 as of today and every one of them is an A+ as I have never received less.  Yes, I have messed up orders for gun broker buyers but immediately correct them to their complete satisfaction and they still gave me the A+.  So buy with confidence.   Call me with any questions or e-mail me at jd@aiptactical.com if you want to see a particular sling, leash or part close up and personal we can go to skype and I can show it to you.

I invite all you to a free membership to my gun forum  www.combat-shotgun.coma forum to talk about all guns and shooting activities.   An Adult forum where members respect each other and you will not find the silliness that goes on with other forums.

As a K-9 Officer and Supervisor I know the need for a Duty Quality Leash.   Check out or Tacking Leash, Rescue Leash and our extra heavy duty Patrol Leash

​My store has Remington Parts, Mesa Tactical and MI sling plates, other gun stuff and an increasing selection of Eye and Hearing Protection, Quality Knives and more.